What happened the past weeks?

Hello dear users,

within the past weeks a lot have happened. I wanted to take a break for a longer period of time, but i coudn‘t. There were several bans and warnings. But why ?

It started mid october, when 4k AE’s and 2k coupons were found on a plot. Those were distributed step by step to the users. Luckily it were „only“ coupons. This is gifting items, which is against the rules. One may argue that the acception of items is not a break of rules. That is only half the truth, because, in order to actually gift someone something, they have to accept it.

That led to the result, that everyone who got their rank with those coupons, has their rank removed. And some other stuff as well.

What would have been the correct behavior ? To reject it and inform a supporter. It would be even better if those coupons wouldnt circulate at all.

This behavior is an imposition, because damage is done twice. The server. The users. Because of that, i hope everyknows if anyone breaks the rules, it influences always other users as well.