Something is wrong

  • Hi Team

    I sat up my Mass Fab on pos. -8664, -7968, 64 with 6 AE's in it Yesterday and when i went online this morning, it didnt start automatic, so i took it down and replaced it and right clicked with the 6 AE's as usesally, but it did not place the AE's in the Mass Fab, Then I hit it like five times because it was strange it did not place it, but when i looked into the mass fab the level was on 30 =:O

    I took it down again bucause i though it was a bug, but it have be dublicating the AE's? now i have 36, wtf?! :D

    There must be a bug somewhere to be fixed :)

    I placed the 30 AE's in the personal safe on pos. -8659, -7954. 67 to be removed from my inventory by Admin or Supporter

    Best Regards Prince

    Edit: and I cant do /counter - An Internal Error occourred while attempting to preform this command

  • No Problem :), anytime.

    But I can only put one AE in each Mass Fab, i cant add anymore... and it dont show the mass fab upgrade message?