Please unban me I didnt do it

  • Hello i am _MrPink I got banned on the server for griefing even though i did not do it but likely my friend did. My friend is the only one that might have known my password. He likely did it vuz i didnt want to play csgo with him cuz i said i would rather play tekkit cuz it is very fun you know. Right now it doesnt seem like that is possible since Im banned. Plz unban me I seriously does not have anything other in life;(

  • I can feel you man...

    Got banned a while ago, dodn't know what to do since then, i wish you good luck my friend <3

    Enjoy if you will get unbanned,and if you won't , then im rly sorry for you ,

    See ya

  • Nice story but I cant here those storys any more. (Is there a google link with that kindt of unban ?)

    The security of your account is your fault...

    You'll not get unbaned!


  • brobon

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