vidal ban appeal

  • Hello, writing a second appeal this time not regarding my unban but my step-brothers. He wanted a good tekkit server to play with his friends and I suggested he play this server as it was always fun whilst playing. I posted my previous appeal to get my account unbanned in order to give them all my stuff, but sadly it was declined. Which is totally understandable as what I did was unacceptable and childish. I realise as you mention maybe I do need longer to rehabilitate myself so something like this will never occur again. However, the problem we face now is that my brother earlier today got banned for "multiaccounts" related to my ban. Which is annoying as he's being punished for my wrong-doing, he's asked me to post this appeal to vouch for him in order for it to be repealed and hopefully he can play tekkit on your server again. But I completely understand if you keep my ban active as I totally deserved it for what I did.

    Regards, Vidal:)

  • first, i moved it, cause u created it in infinity evolved, not in tekkit lite -.-

    second, why isnt ur step-brother doing this and instead you ? now it looks even more strange

    third, it is very strange, that the same day ur unban was denied, ur "step-brother" crawls to surface ...

    fourth. o cmon ... are you realy wanna go that way ? are you realy thinking we are that stupid, or at least that naive, to believe this is pure coincidence ? why werent ur step-brother joining the server before ? at any day ??? why just now ?

    fifth, speaking of coincidence ... what about pewt's "step-brother" Oreic ? and ... they are also playing together like you and pewt did it ? dont insult our both intelligence with that appeal. the evidence that ur not saying the truth is much more than the evidence it is like you say it is. well, im not saying it isnt possible, but cmon ... if you were in my position ... what would you say ??

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