My itens has gone

  • Hi guys... After the server reset or close in july 1, at 22:00 in coords: +615 -5847 +59 My drives my harvester, my cables are gonne... can you restore them for me please? I called TT_Finn12 just after the incident, and here told me the server has deleted my itens, because the server maybe not have backup this particulary chunk.

    Thanks for the help.


  • i double checked, even tripple checked my double check and to be sure i reactivated my hird eye, which is blind, so it made no difference at all.

    however, first tho i were sure, i - as i said- checked if i rly am and yes, hawkeye saves its data seperatly to the map. one may correct me if im wrong. 2nd i have looked at the coords you have provided and it is rly just you there. its a pity, i realy wanna hope u didnt made it up, but i sadly cant find anything that proofs what you are saying here. however, i have found the player ur maybe calling out, its Herasti, but he just ported back yesterday an 22:00. i searched for the last 9 days if anyone had broke blocks there except you and there was noone to be found. technicaly it kinda would still be possible ... but its only 3 ppl of capable doing it, so that can be ruled out, because they also have gamemode available xD

    when did u build all the stuff that seems to be gone ?

  • A weeks ago... my storages was in that position. Its sad. All my itens are gone... all my stuff the cables from MAC was connected to that i have the harvesters in that farm, i had an interface conected to the harverster as all my other farms.. its sad y can determinate what happen and if herasti did that. I lost all and y guys tells me there´s nothing y can do... and that´s it



  • Herasti was there when i was configuring my plot... i created by mistake a city... and i tried to fix this... but between that time the problem maybe happen. So... as y can do nothing ok. If you guys worry about my honesty ok.. i understand.. but in the future, for advise, you guys must improve your controls logs so one person dont fill injustified as i am now. The person who have to reconstruct everything is me not you guys.


  • thats kinda obvious, he ment the koords ... but i did a quick search and yes, Finn's thought was right. You sir have deleted your items yourself.

    first and foremost its such a dumb idea (i dont mean you in oarticular, just in generel) to make a city on an already existing gp-claim. the plot was already claimed and already safe, it cant be safer than that.

    what happened you may ask. simple, you created a town in that chunk. You then unclaimed the chunk and that deletes the city, when that happens, towny scans that specific chunk and deletes a lot of items.

    this was very unlucky ...

  • I didn´t know that... i never administratea server i never imagine that could happen. It´s impossible to reverse what i did yes? If not, no problem... i will rebuild everything again.



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