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    I ask for discomfort to bother you here but I am palmeida8 was banned a little while ago I wanted to ask for dismay for my behavior I acted very warmly I would not much like to ask for dismay for my attitude I promise if you can give me another opportunity that was not to offend anyone on the server anymore I would love to be able to play on the server again, I ask you for my behavior, there is no possibility of going back I would love to go back because I like the server very much and I acted very badly I did it again but if you can withdraw ban I promise I will not do it again it will never happen again I ask you to discontinue magmalp Give me second chance i will not dissapoint you guys .;(;(

  • hello well what i did basically said badly to magma but i already asked the owner for the fact of not being aware that i found a bag that is forbidden dps as i had a full head i started to tell him because that day i had personal problems what i ask for to remove the ban ip if it is possible just wish i could play again now i think it is unfair to ban my ip because i have a new brother he can not start playing on the server because ban my ip from the pc if it is possible to remove only the ip thank you I think that explains everything.

  • Sure your "brother" wants to play on a cracked server and defnetly not you just with a new account. So glad you told us, we would have defnetly missunderstood this :o

    Du dachtest hier kommt jetzt etwas geistreiches, oder produkti...TÖÖÖT TÖÖÖT ICH BIN EIN NASHORN, AUS DEM WEEEEHEEEEG

  • Palmeida8 how shall we know its not a trick of yours you may dont even have a brother and even if you could just tell us he wants to play but instead it is you playing there that would be very unfair as well i am still not one hundret percent convinced of your story here but ok lets assume we give you another chance fact is people who violated against the rules one time got banned a second chance do get banned again because they do again some stuff that is not allowed most of the times the exact same as they did before so convince me

  • I can assure you that if you give me a second chance to play again I will not go over the rules because I have read here on the forum and it is not a change I have a younger brother I am not rich to have two computers for him and I will play more if you do not believe in my word I understand because I think it is unfair to doubt people who are new to the server besides not even wanting to be from your parents I think it is incorrect but I understand that you may think that it is a change that I am lying but I can guarantee that I just said it and pure It is true that it is not a change I fear that it may take time to think that I am lying but in fact I am quite sad with my attitude as I said earlier I think I already deserved to have a second chance I realize that it can take no problem but I would like to know if ever will they agree to ban ip?

  • ok, there is a lot to unpack here.

    you are not being unbaned. one reason is, that it is impossible to understand 100% what you are saying. you are writing in english, but its impossible to get what you want to say. even worse than that, you are contradicting yourself multiple times. that also happens in one sentance, if you would have used perdiods to begin with. that makes it even harder to guess what you may wanna say. if i cant understand you, or, you are unwilling/ unable to form proper sentances to make it possible for others to understand you, i am not chancing it. but lets assume i would have unbaned you and you do something against the rules, you can say you havent told us before, that you wouldnt do it. you are even talking a lot about that >>you<< will get another chance and so on, but i thought its about your brother ?? that doesnt make sense, except you are just telling us a story. Why shall it be unfair to doubt people i dont know? i would be an idiot if i would believe every story anyone came up with. Other than that, we have more than enough examples were we being lied at, or they did again what they had done before.

    i have never seen anyone writing that way you do and expect others to fully understand you.

    the other reason, all the stuff that happened ingame were over a pretty long time. you completly did it on purpose. you created other nicknames in order to insult the staff. that wasnt an error, or a one time mistake. you did this several times. that in itself isnt tolerable and you are the only one to blame here, because you did this to yourself, not we.

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