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  • HI

    My name is Remco im 36 years old. I only speak English.

    I have ts3 and discord and owned a ts3 and discord server myself

    i m playing tekkit 4 about 4 years and have been admin on KOT server for serveral years.

    i like 2 help new people and players when they have problems in game

    im lot online so im available alot 2 help players

    I may not be able 2 know evertything qbout the problems but im always prepared 2 learn and look up things on internet and you tube 2 get bigger knowledge so i can help players even better

    I had Bukkit server when i was 16 or 17 so i know some bukkit commands

  • hello blackmamba83,

    i was really considering to accept this application. however, there are a few points, which also have to be taken into account and the biggest of them is the language. now dont get me wrong, we do support in english as well, but internally we only speak german. that would now mean that we all have to speak english, then at the very least 2 supporters would have slight problems. writing everything in german and english is possible, but literally doubles everything.

    aside from that, the necessity for a new support isnt there at the moment. thanks to niklas, a lot is automated, where supports had to keep an eye on.

    so, the lack of needing a supporter combinerd with the language hurdle, sadly make me decline your application.

    i still wish you a nice time on our server.


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