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    I sprak german 2 but not so good. I had it in school as lesson as I'm from belgium. But no problem. You need 2 do what's best 4 the server and the rest of the staff


    My name is Remco im 36 years old. I only speak English.

    I have ts3 and discord and owned a ts3 and discord server myself

    i m playing tekkit 4 about 4 years and have been admin on KOT server for serveral years.

    i like 2 help new people and players when they have problems in game

    im lot online so im available alot 2 help players

    I may not be able 2 know evertything qbout the problems but im always prepared 2 learn and look up things on internet and you tube 2 get bigger knowledge so i can help players even better

    I had Bukkit server when i was 16 or 17 so i know some bukkit commands