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    Hello, writing a second appeal this time not regarding my unban but my step-brothers. He wanted a good tekkit server to play with his friends and I suggested he play this server as it was always fun whilst playing. I posted my previous appeal to get my account unbanned in order to give them all my stuff, but sadly it was declined. Which is totally understandable as what I did was unacceptable and childish. I realise as you mention maybe I do need longer to rehabilitate myself so something like this will never occur again. However, the problem we face now is that my brother earlier today got banned for "multiaccounts" related to my ban. Which is annoying as he's being punished for my wrong-doing, he's asked me to post this appeal to vouch for him in order for it to be repealed and hopefully he can play tekkit on your server again. But I completely understand if you keep my ban active as I totally deserved it for what I did.

    Regards, Vidal:)

    ign: vidal

    ban reason: insulting

    banned by: funnyzocker

    I was banned in august earlier this year being really immature posting random german phrases in the chat as I had lost interest in the game itself. I didn't actually realise what these phrases meant being english but have since realised and regret posting them. I really want to play this server as I remember having a really fun time on it and its unlike many other servers.