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    Hi server.

    The next couple of month.. or six, over the summer, I dont know yet, I wont be online so often, can you please remove my Stammi and Stammi+ prefix and the spotloader I placed beside my ME system at /home cube

    Have a great summer all 8o:P8)

    kr Prince

    may i ask what this game is about? :D - i read something that you have to get to 1337 before an admin will close it? and then what? xD - am i just to old or does this seems to be, hey see me im an idiot i can count :P xD xD xD <- 3 times xD is laughing out of the universe, no harm meant :)

    I just want to know the truth :D

    Thema / Topic /worth Command
    Beschreibung / Description Hi - is it possible to make /worth [itemid] on the items?, you allready got the pricelist that the server wants for the items to get the economy right, it might be easier for anyone to see whats the item worth and what can we sell it for - if you need any help let me know - i would be happy to help :)
    Antworten / Answers

    possible: yes, but I see no real sense to invest there work, only members of the trade-federation need to stick to prices and those prices can be looked up in the forum

    man sieht als nicht HF-mitglied nur die grundressi-preise. die liste mit allen HF-Preisen war intern erstellt worden, damit dort die leute nicht immer durch jeden Shop durch müssen um zu gucken ob jemand das Item schon verkauft, bzw. wie denn der Preis davon ist.

    you can only see some prices of basic-resources as a non-member of the HF. a full list with all prices is just for members available to make it easier to compare prices, if someone had an item first to sell, or if the item is being sold in the first place.

    Ergebnis / Result ?

    Hi - Could some one please reset my counter for quarry to zero?

    I forgot to remove it yesterday when the quarry wolrd resettet.

    thx in advance :)



    I have been playing on your Tekkit-Lite server for some time now and would like to apply for Stammi and maybe Stammi+

    I currently have an ontime of 30 days +. My claim is still under construction :)


    Hi Team

    I sat up my Mass Fab on pos. -8664, -7968, 64 with 6 AE's in it Yesterday and when i went online this morning, it didnt start automatic, so i took it down and replaced it and right clicked with the 6 AE's as usesally, but it did not place the AE's in the Mass Fab, Then I hit it like five times because it was strange it did not place it, but when i looked into the mass fab the level was on 30 =:O

    I took it down again bucause i though it was a bug, but it have be dublicating the AE's? now i have 36, wtf?! :D

    There must be a bug somewhere to be fixed :)

    I placed the 30 AE's in the personal safe on pos. -8659, -7954. 67 to be removed from my inventory by Admin or Supporter

    Best Regards Prince

    Edit: and I cant do /counter - An Internal Error occourred while attempting to preform this command