Ban appeal IGN - Pewt

  • IGN - Pewt

    Reason - Insulting

    By - Funnyzocker

    I was banned awhile ago by funnyzocker for insulting, since then i have wanted to play lycodon again, my german friend was telling me to put stuff in chat that i didnt understand as i am not english, i have learnt from my mistakes and will be more mature and will not be insulting towards anyone else. I really enjoy the server and wish to play it again, please could i be unbanned.

    thanks Pewt

  • u werent just baned, u were also warned some hours before the ban, for the same reason. this also happened pretty recently. i wont say u may havent changed, but sadly a lot of other users who were unbanned, have shown us, that some years arent enough for a change. so i highly doubt a few months will.

    i do not value an insult as high as duping for example, but the fact that u were warned just hours before that, including a temporary ban, isnt increasing the faith in your words very much.

    later, maybe, perhaps next year, who knows.

    so, no.

    oh, and a happy new year. sounds srange i know, but i mean it, trust me.