Handling with other users and the staff

  • Respect every user. Unrespectful behavior or insults are not tolerated.
  • If u have problems with a user or technical issues ask staff member.
  • The staff is no substitute for the TekkitLite-Wiki.
  • Decisions and instruction from the staff have to be followed by the users.


  • Racist, sexist and The Third Reich related behavior, buildings, statements in the chat or skins are forbidden under all circumstances.

Chat rules

  • no spam
  • no caps lock
  • no advertisement of any kind
  • no begging for ranks, items, sun, day or anything else


  • Griefing of any kind is strictly prohibited. Bypassing or overcoming the security mechanics of any kind and destroying the property of a user is also strictly prohibited and will be punished very hard.
  • Mining of resources in a quarry-hole while the quarry is still working or standing is not allowed.

Illegal advantages

  • The use of bots, hacks, x-ray textures, unfair client modifications or anything related/ similar is completely forbidden.
  • To withdraw youself in any kind from the afk-kick is not allowed.
  • The usage of known bugs to the own advantage or to harm other players is completely forbidden. If you encounter a bug, report it to a member of the team or write it in the forum.

How to claim properly

  • Be sure to have a minimum distance of 200 blocks to the nearest city when creating your own claim.
  • Have at least 16 blocks to the nearest claim when creating your own claim. (Exception: if you have an arrangement with the other claim owner)
  • Claiming within a city is not allowed at all.


  • Building lag preventing is explicitly desired. Lag causing complexes known by the owner of that claim will be erased in extreme cases.
  • Useless machine-complexes (for example two or more mass-fabricators while having not enough power) aren't allowed and will be destroyed without warning.
  • no landscape destructive buildings like a one by one tower. (if necessary to build, directly remove it after use)
  • It is not allowed to farm resources (ores, spawner, wood and so on) in the mainworld.
  • You can use /farm and /quarry for farming purposes.
  • At communally used claim (no matter if free build or city) everything belongs to the owner and he is in charge to decide about the use and whereabouts of those items.
  • Other accounts then your very own one are not allowed.
  • The ME-Cube’s size has a maximum of 5x5x5.
  • Only one ME-Cube per ME-System is allowéd.
  • Maximum two connected me-cubes on the plot.
  • Only 250 igneous extruder per user allowed.
  • Only one quarry per user allowed.
  • Only three spawner per Chunk allowed.
  • A mob-farm have to be shut down automatically when the uowner of the farm goes offline.
  • The mob-farm can be maximum as big as the chunk is and is not allowed to overlap to other chunks.
  • Only 10 trade-o-mates allowed in a towny-shop. Other shops aren't allowed outside the mall.
  • Minimum prices for solar panels: HV - 8000$, MV - 1000$, LV - 150 and solar panel 70.
  • A TBM is allowed to be fitted with a maximum of 50 block-breakers. it is only one TBM per user allowed.
  • Timer, sequencer and state-cells are not allowed to be set under 2 seconds.
  • It is not allowed to use a power-tool in a deployer.
  • If you own eight Adjustable Emitter (short: AE) all additional AE's have to be used with the TPS-computer (via adminshop). At the top of the TPS-computer have to be at least one OnlinePlayerDetector (OPD). Violating against these rules will cause in a loss of all AE's.
  • Mass-fabricator have to be used in a useful manner. The maximum load is reached at 1,000,000 eu/t.
  • Items of high value like HV's, AE's, 16k/64k storages and so on, are not allowed to give away or lend to someone else. When trading those items, you have to get something in return of approximately the same value.

Date of change: 08th February 2017