New-Year-Event [EN]

  • Hello everybody,

    the Lycodon team wishes you a happy new year 2021 :). As part of the new year and a new activity coming soon, we havea a new event for you:

    Assert yourself in your parkour skills and win Ranks, Coupons and Items!


    The server currently has 4 Jump'n'Runs. Complete as many courses as possible in the Timerun and/or Grouprun modes.

    In every mode of every Jump'n'Runs, every player receives points. The better the performance/time, the more! All points are added up and the top three players win!

    - 1st place: Gold Rank+ Adjustable Emitter

    - 2nd place: Gold Rank

    - 3rd place: Iron/Leather Rank

    - All participants receive a surprise! ;)

    (Who already owns the rank receives the value of the rank in coupons)


    - Stay fair! The exploitation of bugs is punished and leads to a disqualification in the event if the bug is not reported to the team immediately.

    - Team members are excluded from the first three places.

    - Have fun :)


    The event starts at 6 PM today and lasts until January 31, 2021 11:59 PM CET.



    Location: /spawn and straight ahead

    Timerun: 2 min (Medium)

    Grouprun: 3 min (Hard)


    Location: /warp FreeUse and left

    Timerun: 1:30 min (Hard)

    Grouprun: 2:30 min (Master)


    Location: /warp FreeUse and further down towards the exit of the cave

    Timerun: 3 min (Hard)

    Grouprun: 4 min (Master)


    Location: /warp Factory and right

    Timerun: 4 min (Master)

    Grouprun: 5 min (Master)


    - You have to click on the piston and select a mode for the attempt to be counted.

    - In the Timerun you play alone and try to complete the Jump'n'Run in the given time.

    - In the Grouprun you play in a group of 2 or more players and try to complete the Jump'n'Run in the given time. However, each player must have reached a waypoint for it to be counted. It is only finished when everyone in the group has reached the goal. You create a group with /group invite <Player>.


    - Use the "Auto-Restart" setting (inventory on the left) to automatically restart the Jump'n'Run if you fails.

    The Lycodon team wishes you lots of climbing fun and stay healthy! :)

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  • This is the current status of the runs, take part and get ranks! Each player gets points. :)

    Runs that were run in normal mode and that were under the time are also counted.

    King of the Hill

    Timerun Grouprun
    AINiMeX | 1:30
    HolyEkam | 1:46
    Qivex | 2:55

    Escave the Cave

    Timerun Grouprun
    - -
    - -

    Property Run

    Timerun Grouprun
    - -

    Up the Scaffolding

    Timerun Grouprun
    - -
    - -
    - -

    (Team members are excluded)